How To Get Away With Patrick

Many of you guys know all about me. I’m here to refresh your memory with some facts about me and why I’ve decided to do this blog.

I started this blog because I sometimes find myself on social media going on little rants about my life and what I’ve been through. My best friends and I have come to a conclusion that it would be better to try to reach more people with what I’ve been through. Throughout my posts, I’ll be talking about my hardships, sex, friendships, siblings, school, and much more. What I’m saying is that I’m going to be myself and have no filter, as I should. I own a camera and I’m going to be taking pictures of people as well. I’m no photographer but it cant be that hard right? Hope you all enjoy.


  1. From Rochester New York
  2. Patrick Samuel Lamore Quick
  3. Birthday: June 29th, 1997
  4. Run Track & play Tennis
  5. 1 of 8 kids
  6. Favorite color: Blue
  7. Favorite movie: Clue
  8.  Favorite tv show: How To Get Away With Murder
  9. I love coffee
  10. I ❤️ Rihanna



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