Top Tweets

Let’s talk about one of my favorite social media platforms, Twitter. I joined Twitter in July 2012. At this time I was only 15 but I think this is the perfect age for teens to take advantage of the social media world. I say this because over the years I collectively have managed to gain 32.5k followers and looking at it now It now I can be doing more to get my name out there.

When it comes down to my social media accounts I’m very picky about letting my family members follow me. I love them all don’t get me wrong but I sometimes I want to escape them and say/post whatever I want. So I came up with this little plan. Family members can only have my facebook ( Which I barely post anything on ), my Instagram if they want to follow that it’s up to them. If they feel like watching my Snapchat story and seeing all my reckless college adventures be my guess. Looking and my twitter and Tumblr account it’s a BIG FAT ASS NO! I’ve already blocked all the family members on both Twitter and Tumblr. Dealing with these two social media platforms I don’t want them to see it because they’ll be seeing a side of me they’ve never seen before.

Who doesn’t like getting away from their family? Even if it’s on social media. Your family should be happy with getting one of the accounts. So with that being said, I hope you find laughter in some of my tops twitter posts that I tried keeping away from my family, enjoy.








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