Common Misconceptions​ About Gays

I believe I speak for all men, women, boys, and girls who are part of the LGBT community when I say that we still experience threats, hatred, misconceptions…etc Believe it or not but same-sex marriage is becoming accepted and legalized in more and more areas of the world but acceptance of gay people doesn’t end with acceptance.

Here are some of the most common misconceptions gay men are faced with almost every day.

1. Gay people don’t automatically know all other gay people. – Its true bitch and you know it. Do all straight people know each other?

2. Not all gay men are bottoms. All tops aren’t masculine and all bottoms aren’t feminine. –  Never judge a book by its cover!!

3. Every gay man doesn’t know how to do makeup. – If I knew how to do makeup I would be making money on the side because my retail checks aren’t cutting it.



4.  Not every Gay does drag; Not every Gay man can dress. I have done drag for about four hours but I can honestly say it was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. The women/men who do this are strong and I salute you all! NO SHADE but I have dated a few people who cant dress! Its like on social media they have the whole package but in person, they are typical as FUCK!! So again, not every gay man can dress.



5. Gay males are not automatically attracted to all other males. – I hate this misconception the most. If I had a penny for every time a straight guy thought I was attracted to them I would be rich. To all, you straight guys out there reading this… a good quarter of you don’t have shit going for yourselves. Another quarter of you or just plain ugly and not attractive at all, and the last 50 percent of you are attractive but we are not trying to jump in your pants. It’s hard to tell who’s gay these days!!



6. Coming out isn’t a one-time thing, it happens forever!! – I came out in the 9th grade to my family and I thought all my worries were at an end. I constantly have to come out to people, almost every day. It’s none of their business but sometimes people gay-dare are completely off and I’m sure they don’t mean any harm.



like said I have done drag for about a total of four to five hours, thanks to the help of Valaree Love ( Her information is below ) here’s a few pictures of me as Freda Legs!IMG_5046.JPGIMG_5049.JPGIMG_5044.JPG

Valaree Love:



I would Love to hear in the comments about the misconceptions you’re faced with.

One thought on “Common Misconceptions​ About Gays

  1. Great stuff Patrick! This was a really good read and absolutely accurate. The number one misconception I run into is people thinking all gay men are feminine or want to be a women…I know crazy right haha. Over the years, especially in the army, when people realize or I tell them I’m gay. Their first response is, “but you’re not feminine.” Then when I get them to realize that there are different kinds of PEOPLE in the world with different personalities they respond with, “well you must be DL because you don’t act gay(feminine). I simple reply, “I’m just me” and move on. Anyways thanks for this. Keep it up.

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