We all love a good queen that can keep a note while dancing — No I’m not talking about Beyonce but Tinashe.

 This American singer is from a small town in Kentucky. As a young kid, Tinashe moved to Los Angeles to start her career in entertainment. Tinashe took part in a girl group called ‘The Stunners’ between 2007 and 2010. After leaving the group, Tinashe released her self-recorded mixtapes ‘In Case We Die’ in 2012. Signed with RCA recodes by 2013 and making her way into our hearts with her single ‘2 on.’ Soon to follow was her first studio album in 2014 ‘Aquarius’. Which in my option wasn’t that good of an album!

Tinashe next two projects, ‘Nightride’ being released in 2016 and ‘Joyride’ in 2018 wasn’t what we were looking for. Me personally I feel like both these projects were rushed. After her song ‘2 on’ finally died down it has been hard for Tinashe to come back with a hit. On July 13th, 2018  Tinashe took to social media to release her new single ‘Like I Use To.’ The song is cute but I know her management can push her harder! In my eyes, Tinashe has the whole package… She can dance, sing, and have the look. I don’t mean to point fingers but Tinashe needs a new management team. Midnight July 26th, 2018  Tinashe released her second single ‘Throw a Fit’ from her upcoming project. 

With this incredible beat, catchy tune, and Tinashe awesome voice I think it’s safe to say that we finally have Tinashe back and she might have a hit on her hands !!!


Tinashe Accounts :





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