Business with Pleasure!

 There come a time where we all tend to flirt with our co-workers and vice versa. My opinion is that I think it’s perfectly fine to flirt with coworkers… I mean it is a great way to pass time; but when your coworkers begin asking for your social media accounts and your phone number and is looking to pursue something more than a friendship That is when I start to question them! I’m 50 / 50 with this topic — I don’t mix business with pleasure, but if you do I guess I’ll just say you have to know your limit.


Mostly all my jobs have been retail, and anyone who works retail knows first hand that it gets messy sometimes, and I’m not talking about the store itself. I like to keep my social media life and work life separate. I only add certain employees. I have to really feel the person out and make sure I can trust them before I go adding people and letting them into my personal life! I have one rule I use for myself. Which is that I can only talk to one person in my job ( I’m talking about more than flirting! ) I say this because you and the other employee may end things on bad terms and let’s say you start talking to someone else at your job… BOOM!  OUT OF NOWHERE YOU’RE  A SLUT, YOU TALKING TO EVERYONE IN THE STORE AND EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT YOU! #Childish right, I know. Managers could get involved which may result in you losing your job.


Keep it short and cute… There’s plenty of fish in the sea you don’t have to mess with someone you work with. It’s perfectly fine if you just try to know your limit. Be about your money hoe! Forget messing around with your coworkers… Try moving up in the company instead!

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