Sibling Rivalry

On a scale of 1 to 10, how well do you get along with your siblings?

Nevermind the number you picked you should follow my twitter siblings account: (@_SiblingProbs)  You’ll enjoy the page, I promise.

Holding nothing back let’s jump right into this. I come from a decent size family my mother has eight kids and my father has six. My mother raised me but I did keep in touch with my siblings on my father side. 

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Now that you know I have 12 siblings let’s talk about space. Living in a house with seven siblings and my mother was never easy but we always had fun. My mother has four boys and four girls which made it easy when picking rooms. Paired with my little brother I wasn’t happy but I didn’t mind because I wanted to be the role model for him that our father wasn’t. I’m two years older than my brother, and when I say this boy was fitting into all my clothes it was ridiculous. If you have siblings who can fit your clothes you know how frustrating it can be. I don’t mind sharing but ask first. We shared games, toys, whatever I got he got and then having to share the same room with him! Going from sharing rooms with my siblings to strangers in college I’ve never really had any space of my own!



Fights were the main action in the house. Play fights, we aren’t monsters. Fights would break out from the littlest things like who lost the tv remote, someone taking someone else seat, someone leaving empty cereal boxes on top of the refrigerator. Anything you can think of we fought about it.

My mother was gone one night, my older sister kept messing with me but I was so in the zone of playing SSX3 on my GameCube. Now my sister felt bold, unplugged my Gamecube and took off running with the cords. So me being me I took her Bratz dolls and some scissors and started cutting patches out of the dolls head. My sister saw what I was doing and came flying at me! We were up on the second floor. When she came at me I wanted to make sure I went flying down the stairs so that I would break something on the way down. Which I did. Long story short, my sister got her ass beat for sending me to the hospital. Call me evil but you don’t mess with a kid and his game system.



I’m not sure where you guys are from but Manhunt was a big part of my childhood. I grew up in a neighborhood where all the parents got together to do street activities and all the kids on the block knew each other. Every summer night we would get together and run up and down the block. We would have 20 to 25 people playing every night. I had a great childhood thanks to my mother and siblings. I come from a decent size family and grew. I grew up in the hood but we always found a way to have fun. My siblings and I bump heads from time to time, but no matter what happens we will always love each other.



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