Underrated Artists


The music industry is a powerful, creative, and visual field. Getting your music heard by the right person could be hard. In today’s society, you need to have the look. It sucks to say but it takes more than just your voice to be heard. You need the look, dance moves and whatever else it take to make it onto the charts. The Underrated Artists listed below have what it takes but still, the spotlight isn’t shined on them enough. 



Jon Bellion

Jonathan Bellion was born on December 26, in Lake Grove, New York on Long Island. Jon has released 2 mixtapes and 4 studio albums. He is known for his hit single “All Time Low.” On November 9, 2018, Jon released his latest studio album “Glory Sound Prep.”

Jon Bellion ( Instagram 


Tinashe Jorgensen Kachingwe was born on February 6, in Lexington, Kentucky. Tinashe played roles in a number of TV shows, movies, and children’s videos in the early 2000s. Tinashe has released 2 mixtapes prior to being signed to RCA Records in 2012. Tinashe has released a total of 3 studio albums. She is known for her hit single “2on.” on April 13, 2018, Tinashe released her latest studio album “Joyride.” As of today, Tinashe parted ways from RCA Records and is now her own manager.

Tinashe ( Instagram )


Ari Lennox


Courtney Shanade Salter better known as Ari Lennox was born on March 26, in Washington, D.C. On December 8 it was announced that she was signed to Dreamville Records under J.Cole. On October 21, 2016, Ari released her first studio Album “Pho.” Lennox is known for her single “Backseat.”

Ari Lennox ( Instagram )



Kehlani Ashley Parrish was born on April 24, in Oakland, California. In April 2015, this American singer, songwriter, and dancer signed to Atlantic Records. Kehlani has released a total of 4 studio albums. Kehlani last studio album ” Sweet Sexy Savage” was released on January 27, 2017. She is known for her hit songs ” The Way” & “You Should Be Here.”

Kehlani ( Instagram )




Caleb Parker was born on May 23, 1993, in South Sacramento, California. Caleborate creates boisterous verses that combine witty wordplay with strong hip-hop beats. He embarked on a West Coast tour with Kehlani’s DJ Noodles. Caleborate has 3 studio albums. His latest album “Real Person” was released on October 6, 2017. He is known for his song “August 28th.”

Caleborate ( Instagram )

Joyner Lucas


Gary Maurice Lucas, Jr. was born on August 17, in Worcester, Massachusetts. Gary first started recording under the name G-Storm in 2007. By 2014 Lucas changed his stage name to Joyner Lucas. On the map looking for a record label, Joyner finally signed a deal with Atlantic Records on September 21, 2016. Atlantic Records wasn’t Joyner first choice, he had his mind set on signing with Dreamville Records. Joyner’s manager and a longtime industry executive reached out to J.Cole about Joyner’s interest in signing to the label, but they didn’t receive anything back. Joyner Has released a number of mixtapes and 2 studio albums. He his known for his hit single “I’m Not Racist.”

Joyner Lucas ( Instagram





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